April 6, 2020

Small loans: an opportunity to turn your idea into reality


Let’s imagine the situation: since moving into your apartment two years ago, your goal has been to renovate another room and turn it into a workshop and guest room for friends and family visiting you. 18 months have passed and the other room has unfortunately become more of a storage room. Every time you put your head in through the room door, you remind yourself that you really should renovate the room this weekend. “Maybe next weekend,” sighs themselves.

A few days later, you receive an email from a close friend announcing that he will be in town for a week at the end of the month, and he wondered if it would be possible to be with you in your other room at that time. “Of course!” you reply to a friend, excited because you see your good friend for the first time in 12 months.

There is nothing better than a set deadline to encourage action!

Dream and it will come true

Dream and it will come true

You roll up your sleeves and step into another room and start making plans to fix the room. The first thing to do is buy a bookshelf to lift your precious book collection out of the boxes onto the shelves. You will also want to buy a stylish sofa for guests to sleep in, a separate wardrobe, a large and comfortable reading chair for Sundays and a few more pieces of furniture to give the room a final touch.

You stand in the doorway, squinting and almost seeing in front of your eyes how beautiful the room finally looks. You smile. Finally, the other room is functional and just like you always imagined. To do all this, especially in such a short time, you need a little help.

Grab your helping hand

Grab your helping hand

This is where small loans are the perfect help. Our microloans range from 30 to 2,000 dollars and loan repayment periods range from 2 months to 36 months. Unlike regular small loans, small loans are paid in monthly installments, which are usually spread evenly over the entire payment period, allowing you to adjust the loan repayments to your budget.

Thanks to our automatic credit score technology, we can provide a loan decision response in just a few minutes. You can complete the application online in just a few minutes – no paperwork or queuing. Our goal is to say “yes” when others say “no.” Our mission is to provide the best user interface and personal customer service for lending and offering credit products.

So how can we help you?

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