Why is a loan calculator loan choosing your best friend?

It is not uncommon for a person to find themselves in a situation that requires extra money. But before borrowing from a financial institution, all offers should be compared using a loan calculator. The loan calculator shows you a table comparing the offers of different financial institutions, which shows exactly which company offers a loan under which conditions.

What is a loan calculator?

What is a loan calculator?

The loan calculator is very simple in nature. In general, loan calculators have three variable factors – period, amount and monthly payment. The loan applicant enters the desired amount and the appropriate repayment period into the calculator, and everything else is done by the calculator himself. In a second, different loan offers are displayed to the customer, mostly with the best loan offer ahead and the more expensive ones behind.

In addition, it is possible to change both the payment period and the amount on an ongoing basis in order to find the most suitable offer for you. In addition to the monthly payment, proper calculators also show the additional costs associated with the loan – interest and contract fee. The rate of total credit cost, which is actually the most important number, is also shown separately. It shows very specifically how much the borrower actually has to pay for servicing the loan.

The higher the credit cost rate, the more expensive the loan. In addition to providing information, most loan calculators also offer the option to “apply for a loan here”. This way, the customer no longer has to go to the next page separately, but the loan calculator’s website directs him / her to the best loan application. You can often find additional information about all service providers on the pages of various loan calculators. How to identify yourself, how soon you can get a loan in your bank account, etc. Some environments also allow borrowers to leave feedback – honestly and unmoderated. Feedback from other customers is a good way to see the lender’s attitude towards customers, how satisfied they are with customer service, whether communication is responsive in case of problems and much more is needed.

How can using a loan calculator help you?

How can using a loan calculator help you?

As mentioned above, a loan calculator is the fastest and most convenient way to get a correct overview of different lenders at once. For example, if you need to take a loan for a week, you will see that there are many offers, and it is difficult to find out where it would be most sensible to take it. However, if you enter this request into any loan calculator, you will immediately see the offers very specifically and clearly. Contract fees, interest and the total cost of credit are indicated. Given how many lenders use tricks to hide the side costs of a loan, using a loan calculator should always be mandatory, as it draws attention to what you might not notice first. You can also find lenders in the results displayed by the calculator that you had never heard of or that you were skeptical about whether it was still a decent and honest company.

In addition to loan information, most loan calculators also provide general non-cash information – what to do if the loan cannot be repaid, what to do if the installment deadline needs to be postponed, and much more. So you can get the whole picture of the loan from one place at a time, and with it you can make the right and reasonable choice for yourself: whether the loan is still necessary and, if so, where it is most reasonable and useful to take it. It is never worth borrowing for a whim and for trivial things when it seemed necessary for a while. and with it you can make the right and reasonable choice for yourself: whether the loan is still necessary and, if so, where it is most reasonable and useful to take it.

It is never worth borrowing for a whim and for trivial things when it seemed necessary for a while. and with it you can make the right and reasonable choice for yourself: whether the loan is still necessary and, if so, where it is most reasonable and useful to take it. It is never worth borrowing for a whim and for trivial things when it seemed necessary for a while.

With the help of a loan calculator, it is easy to apply for a loan and choose the loan amount. Not only do we offer the first loan for 30 days for a fee of 1 dollar, but we also have a very fast service – the loan can be received in a bank account in as little as 15 minutes. We also have a long-term work experience in this field, because our company has been dealing with small loans for 10 years. All the requirements that can be desired have been met – we are fast, with favorable offers and long-term experience in Finland.

What criteria to be eligible for a redemption of credits?


With the fall in interest rates in recent years, the repurchase of loans has attracted very many households. Whether it is to improve purchasing power by lowering the amount of monthly payments, or to simplify management or make new investments, buying back credits has multiple advantages. However, as with any loan, the lending organization will need to ensure that the new single credit will be repaid.

This is why a favorable response will be subject to an in-depth analysis of the personal and professional situation of the subscriber. What are the requirements for determining whether a redemption request is eligible or not? What are the main reasons for refusal? 

An evaluation score that can vary significantly from one establishment to another.

An evaluation score that can vary significantly from one establishment to another.

Even if it is impossible for a bank to predict without making a mistake if its client will respect its commitments throughout the duration of the credit, it has a precise scoring which allows it to quickly decide if a request can be received favorably.

This analysis grid is more or less the same from one organization to another. However, it is good to remember that a request can succeed when several organizations have already refused. Joining the services of a broker who is an expert in the repurchase of credits will therefore be an asset to accelerate and favor the positive outcome of a request for repurchase of credits.

What are the eligibility criteria for buying back credits?

What are the eligibility criteria for buying back credits?

First, remember that the redemption of credits must be done at least on two credits being repaid. Among these credits, at least one of them must be a consumer loan, such as a personal loan, a work credit, a car loan, or even a revolving credit.

Among the criteria that will be assessed by the bank, let us first mention the creditworthiness of the applicant. Thus, after consolidation, the monthly payment of the credit must not be greater than 33% of the borrower’s income. If the applicant has significant and stable income, if he owns his property and that a mortgage can be taken out, certain establishments will accept higher ratios, ranging up to 40 or 50% of debt .

In all cases, the level of income is a determining criterion. Just like the type of employment contract. It is thus essential, in the majority of the cases, that the applicant is in CDI, civil servant or in retirement. If he is a Self-Employed Worker (TNS), his request may be received favorably provided that he presents his last three tax notices and his tax forms for the last three years preceding the request.

Another important point studied: the subscriber’s bank balance. The financial institution will assess three bank statements to verify that the applicant is demonstrating good management. Suspicious movements, repeated overdrafts, rejection of samples will be negative points likely to result in a refusal on the part of the lender.

In addition, the scoring will endeavor to verify that no credit repurchase has been carried out on an earlier date. In general, banks prefer files in which this is a first request, but it is possible to carry out a new loan repurchase one year after a previous consolidation operation. In any event, no payment incident should have been observed during this period.

Finally, the age of the applicant will be studied by the organization. Thus, the age of the last single credit repayment deadline may be up to 80 years, and 90 years if the loan repurchase includes a mortgage with mortgage.

What are the cases of refusal of a loan buy-back request?

What are the cases of refusal of a loan buy-back request?

Certain requests are systematically refused by financial organizations. This will for example be the case if the borrower is registered in the central check file (FCC) which records payment incidents. Likewise if he is in a situation of over-indebtedness and he has filed an over-indebtedness file with the Banque de France.

It sometimes happens that a file at the FICP (Personal Credit Payment Incident File) results in an agreement if the applicant is the owner. However, even if owning a property improves the scoring of a request, a FICP filing will most often lead to a negative response.

Other cases of refusal can be raised: when the applicant’s nationality is not French and he only has a residence permit, if he is in the process of divorce or if his request to buy back credits includes gambling debts, for example.

Remember: although stable income is essential to obtain a loan buy-back, workers on fixed-term contracts can receive an agreement under certain conditions, such as proven seniority in the business, or even real estate on which a mortgage can be realized.

How to succeed your credit for a first real state purchase?

With mortgage rates at the lowest, at 1.13% on average for October 2019 (CSA / Housing), first-time buyers are more and more likely to want to invest in stone. Some tips to put into practice to borrow at the best conditions.

Define your borrowing capacity

Define your borrowing capacity

According to a study by Harris Interactive carried out for the Council of Notaries, first-time buyers are buying their property increasingly young. The average age to become a homeowner has dropped from 38 to 32.

With falling interest rates; banks are indeed more favorable to grant mortgage loans to young workers, whether they have a personal contribution or not.

To optimize your chances of being granted your credit by your financial institution, it is important that you demonstrate a stable financial situation, and not exceed 33% of debt in relation to your income.

Finally, it is important to take stock of your possible other outstanding loans, to determine if you have enough left to repay your home loan.

Find the best rate

Find the best rate

Your bank can offer you a mortgage, but hiring the services of a broker can help you find the best rate. This professional is based on the rate scales applicable by the banks and determines with you your repayment capacity and the amount of your loan.

According to an OpinionWay survey, almost 30% of French people have used a broker.

Compare different loan insurance

Compare different loan insurance

Insurance of a mortgage is not compulsory, but the bank can require it, especially in the event of risks linked to death and disability. In all cases, you are not obliged to choose the insurance offered by the lending institution.

Take the time to compare the costs of the various types of insurance offered on the market. Be careful, however, that the insurance contract presents guarantees similar to that offered by the lending institution. More information on the website of the French administration.

Study the homeownership aids you can claim

Several government aids have been put in place to facilitate access to property for first-time buyers, including:

  • – The zero rate loan which can finance up to 40% of the amount of your property purchase, without interest or bank charges.
  • – The social accession loan, allocated under means conditions and able to finance the entire real estate operation.
  • – The housing savings loan that can help you buy your main residence if you have had a housing savings account or plan for four years.

In addition to the aids mentioned above, it should be noted that there is also an approved loan, still little known and which is granted without means test, thus making it easier for you to buy or build your main residence.

And if you plan to buy in new real estate, know that you can claim other devices, under certain conditions of eligibility, as is the case of rental-accession or accession at controlled prices.

Take into account notary fees

Take into account notary fees

Different notary fees depending on the condition of the property. They are around 7-8% in the old and 2-3% in the new.

According to the latest outlook from the Notaries of France, 1,020,000 transactions were carried out over twelve months at the end of July 2019, whereas last year the number was 953,000. According to this same study, this increase can be explained there also by the attractiveness of interest rates.

Prepare for retirement with a loan buy-back.


Prepare for retirement with a loan buy-back

Prepare for retirement with a loan buy-back

When retirement age comes, it is good to take advantage of your free time and for that it is better to have cash. How to save money? For example, on the cost of your credits or on the amount of your monthly payments which can be renegotiated on advantageous conditions thanks to a well-carried out loan buy-back.

The retirement is there. Unless you are prepared for it, your income will inevitably drop even though your expenses are the same. The solution may then be to lower your credit charges by renegotiating your existing loans to lower the cost and the monthly payments. With current rates going down to historic records, you can save a lot.

For example, when the rates were 4.20% in March 2012, the total cost of a mortgage of 200,000 USD over 20 years was around 95,954 USD. The same loan taken out today would cost around 69,341 USD. A saving of – 26,660 USD!

How do you go about making a successful loan buyout?

How do you go about making a successful loan buyout?

It is important to consider several criteria. First, you have to take into account two parameters:

– A difference in rate between the current rate of your loan and the renegotiated rate greater than 1%. (A difference of 0.6 to 0.7% can sometimes be enough for certain long loans of a large amount.)

– A low age of the loan in order to take maximum advantage of the rate differences on the interest due.

Finally, do not forget that the Lagarde law of July 2010 allows the borrower to take out loan insurance different from that offered by his lender. This will allow you to further reduce the cost of your loan insurance and add a few thousand USD in additional savings.

Our advice: in all cases, a loan repurchase broker will allow you to optimize the conditions of your transaction. The specialists at Spin Lender support you, for example, in setting up your file, they guide you towards the most advantageous loans, and facilitate all the steps to follow in order to successfully buy back loans. Perform a simulation

Small loans: an opportunity to turn your idea into reality


Let’s imagine the situation: since moving into your apartment two years ago, your goal has been to renovate another room and turn it into a workshop and guest room for friends and family visiting you. 18 months have passed and the other room has unfortunately become more of a storage room. Every time you put your head in through the room door, you remind yourself that you really should renovate the room this weekend. “Maybe next weekend,” sighs themselves.

A few days later, you receive an email from a close friend announcing that he will be in town for a week at the end of the month, and he wondered if it would be possible to be with you in your other room at that time. “Of course!” you reply to a friend, excited because you see your good friend for the first time in 12 months.

There is nothing better than a set deadline to encourage action!

Dream and it will come true

Dream and it will come true

You roll up your sleeves and step into another room and start making plans to fix the room. The first thing to do is buy a bookshelf to lift your precious book collection out of the boxes onto the shelves. You will also want to buy a stylish sofa for guests to sleep in, a separate wardrobe, a large and comfortable reading chair for Sundays and a few more pieces of furniture to give the room a final touch.

You stand in the doorway, squinting and almost seeing in front of your eyes how beautiful the room finally looks. You smile. Finally, the other room is functional and just like you always imagined. To do all this, especially in such a short time, you need a little help.

Grab your helping hand

Grab your helping hand

This is where small loans are the perfect help. Our microloans range from 30 to 2,000 dollars and loan repayment periods range from 2 months to 36 months. Unlike regular small loans, small loans are paid in monthly installments, which are usually spread evenly over the entire payment period, allowing you to adjust the loan repayments to your budget.

Thanks to our automatic credit score technology, we can provide a loan decision response in just a few minutes. You can complete the application online in just a few minutes – no paperwork or queuing. Our goal is to say “yes” when others say “no.” Our mission is to provide the best user interface and personal customer service for lending and offering credit products.

So how can we help you?

A loan for everyone – fast and affordable


In their ads, non-banking companies often bet on the motto: a loan for everyone. Other reasons for arranging a loan with them include the speed and little paperwork. But how much do you actually pay for similar benefits? The speed of the equipment is even on the border of a few hours, so you can get the money immediately, this is the so-called “Money on hand”, resp. loans within 24 hours.

Speed ​​is the most common criterion for obtaining a non-bank loan, just for the mentioned speed, people prefer non-bank products, despite higher interest rates. In advertising, therefore, we most often encounter the slogan: “quick loans for everyone”.

Crisis and non-bank loans

Crisis and non-bank loans

At a time when the global financial crisis is being talked about, there is a perception that banks are often hesitant to provide loans and credits. At this time, banks set their criteria for granting a loan so that only a few clients meet them. Usually, only those clients who do not need a loan will meet these conditions. Banks are often not motivated by the return on loans. All they need are account management fees and many other fees, which they have very well hidden. But it is at this time that space is opening up for non-banking institutions that provide loans and borrowings.

When and how much do we borrow?

When and how much do we borrow?

Every year, interest in consumer loans is influenced by seasonality. In the pre-Christmas period, it is borrowed the most. The greatest interest in buying in installments and non-purpose loans. In the case of non-bank loans, the greatest interest is in loans in the amount of 1,000 and 3,300 with a maturity of twelve months.

Loans for the unemployed

Loans for the unemployed

One of the manifestations of the global financial crisis is the rise in unemployment all over the world. And did not lag behind this trend either, and of course unemployment has risen. How do non-bank lending and credit companies view this phenomenon? Today, in most companies, you need a regular source of income, but there are also those where you do not have to provide any proof of income. Unemployed people, especially in times of crisis, should not take out loans for everyday consumption, as this can turn out very badly.

The parameters of the loan are adjusted to the client

Today, companies that provide non-bank loans and credits try to attract new clients and meet them, for example, with some parameters of provided loans and credits. Clients can choose the amount of the loan and the repayment period. Another important fact is that clients are informed about all fees at the beginning.

What to look out for when borrowing?

However, if you want to arrange a loan from a non-bank sector, you should be careful and follow some basic rules. Find out as much up-to-date information about a non-banking company or private investor as possible. As a rule, all more serious companies and individuals dealing with the provision of loans publish on their websites various advice for those interested in a loan.

  • Compare terms across multiple companies
  • A low monthly payment does not necessarily mean a low interest rate (loans with the smallest monthly payments are often the most expensive)
  • Do you need a loan? (unemployed people or people at risk of employment should not be in debt)
  • Before signing, read the contract carefully, if you do not understand something, ask, or consult an expert.
  • Beware of timely repayment. If you have a problem, contact the company immediately.

What to keep in mind before applying for a small loan?


We all have our dreams, some bigger and some smaller. Sometimes it is necessary to wait a long time for dreams to come true. Sometimes you just need a little help in the form of a small loan. Have you long dreamed of a pleasant holiday trip? Need a new car? Or is it necessary to renovate the children’s room instead? Whatever you would not dream of at the moment, companies dealing with small loans can help you with all this. However, there are quite a few of them on the market and it can be difficult to decide who to trust. What should you keep in mind before applying for a loan? Here are some useful pieces of information to help you decide which lender to turn to and what to keep in mind before entering into a loan agreement.

Find out the lender’s background

Find out the lender

How long has the lender been in this market? Does it comply with all precepts issued by the Financial Supervision Authority, Eesti Pank and the Consumer Protection Board? These are all things that will help you find out if you are signing a contract with a reliable partner.

Think for yourself what you need a loan for

Think for yourself what you need a loan for

Lenders offer a wide range of amounts from 50 dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Even write down the budget on paper and, based on that, start looking for a suitable loan offer.

Familiarize yourself with the loan terms

Familiarize yourself with the loan terms

Ask about loan terms and credit cost rate before concluding a contract. Also read the fine text carefully and ask clarifying questions before concluding the contract. Keep in mind that lenders are subject to restrictions on the maximum cost of credit.

Hidden fees

Hidden fees

Are there any contract fees for concluding a loan agreement? These are all important things that no one pays much attention to when applying for a loan, but later it can be retaliated against. Let’s say you want to repay a loan earlier, but haven’t noticed that you still have to pay a certain percentage of interest to do so. This can be quite a large amount that you can lose through it.

Non-bank loans without examination of the register

Have you ever had a few days before the payout and needed a small amount of money? Are you an entrepreneur and do you really need to pay for the contracts on which the future of your business depends?

A bank loan would be unnecessarily lengthy and complicated for you. You would have to visit the bank, sign the papers, and only then might you get the money.

Registered in the register of debtors


If you are registered in the register of debtors, the bank will not lend you. Even the current amount of income or proof of income does not have to convince the bank.

These are all situations that can happen and that happens commonly. You don’t have to worry about this anymore, because there are non-bank loans without a registry.

The modern type of loan is a non-bank loan


This modern type of loan is a non-bank loan. This means that the money will be lent to you by a non-banking company that specializes in this issue. The conditions of these companies are much more advantageous than the conditions of banks. This is evidenced by a large number of satisfied customers.

There are several types of these companies on the Slovak market and each has different conditions. In many cases, you do not have to provide proof of income and in many cases, it is not inspected in the register of debtors. So if you have one of these problems, thanks to which the bank will not lend you money, then try loans without a register.

A loan is not a bad thing, but only if you are able to repay it. Entrepreneurs borrow very often. They need to pay for goods or services while still waiting for money from other companies.

Thanks to these delays, entrepreneurs get into situations where they have to borrow, and loans without a register are the right choice for them. You don’t even have to be an entrepreneur to need a quick loan.

Today, a large number of households live overnight. Most families barely have the money to buy food by the end of the month. And that’s when the big discount on TV comes, for which they have been grinding their teeth for a long time, but the discount promotion ends in 3 days and the family knows that they will only get paid in a week.

This is not a problem either. So the family gets a quick non-bank loan and buys a TV. In a week, when they get paid, they repay the quick loan.

Non-bank loans can be divided into several groups


Non-bank loans can be divided into several groups, but in many cases, all groups have one thing in common, these are loans without a register. In many cases, the equipment takes less than 24 hours, is not registered in the debtors’ register and 90% of the loans are approved.

These figures confirm the difference between a bank and non-bank loans. A very good choice is also a fast SMS loan for everyone who needs to borrow from 25 to 250 USD. The maturity is 15 days, and the amount of the loan depends on how many loans you have tried with them.

A quick SMS loan can be arranged within 10 minutes using the online form from the comfort of your home. It is without a meeting and without unnecessary paperwork. A quick loan from Provident will pay off to everyone who has an entry in the debtors’ register.

Provident offers unsecured loans and you can borrow from 100 to 1500 USD. The equipment only takes a few minutes, but you must prove that you are able to repay the loan. Loans without a register are therefore immediately in direct competition with banks.